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Application procedure for academic year 2023-2024

Below you find the application procedure for academic admission and scholarships (VLIR-UOS, UGent TopUp Grant, Flanders Knowledge Area Master Mind) for the IMaNema programme starting 25 September. Note that the application procedure is new!

You possess a non-Belgian bachelor/master diploma:

You have to apply for an admission letter to Ghent University in order to enrol and to apply for a study visa. See all details here.


Apply for academic admission by completing and submitting this online application form. In this phase, you need to upload your diploma(s), academic transcripts and a proof of sufficiency in English. Deadline for online application is 1 March 20xx; for submitting hard copy 1 April 20xx. The Nematology Educational Committee will screen your file for academic eligibility.


With the same application form, you can also apply for a scholarship (VLIR-UOS, a Master Mind, UGent TopUp grant). The deadline for online application is 1 February 20xx. Next to your diploma and academic transcripts you will also have to upload a motivation letter, curriculum vitae, …. By 1 March 20xx, the Nematology Educational Committee will make a shortlist for all the scholarships. Shortlisted candidates will be informed by e-mail. Note that being on the shortlist does not mean that you will actually get a scholarship. This will depend on: (1) having an official admission letter, (2) the sponsors’ final decision (expected in May/June 20xx)


Before applying, please make sure you have all the required documents at hand that should be uploaded in your online file. Note that most international students also need to legalise their diploma and academic transcripts.

These documents should be sent by postal mail to:

Ghent University
International Admissions Desk
Sint-Pietersnieuwsstraat 33 UFO
9000 Gent

Complete application packages must arrive by postal mail at the International Admissions Desk before the deadline: 1 April 20xx for students who require a visa, 1 June 20xx for students who do not need a visa.

Only after screening the hard copy of your application including the legalised documents, you will be awarded an official admission letter. Your admission letter will be sent to you by e-mail.


Application for a VLIR-UOS scholarship/UGent TopUp grant/Master Mind scholarship:

The deadline to apply for a scholarship is 1 February 20xx. Carefully check the eligibility criteria for each scholarship before simply ticking the boxes in the application form!

The selection for the scholarships is divided in 2 phases:

  1. A first selection phase is done by the Nematology Educational Committee, who selects a limited number of candidates out of all the applications. This shortlist list will be published the latest on 1 March 20xx on our website by use of your unique application number (received when submitting the application form) and shortlisted candidates will be informed by e-mail. The candidates on the shortlist will continue to the second scholarship selection phase.
  2. In the second selection phase, the VLIR-UOS, UGent TopUp grant or Master Mind scholarship Selection Committees, will make a final selection out of the shortlisted candidates of phase 1. The final result will be announced in May/June 20xx.

Note that a scholarship can only be awarded when you have an official admission letter. The procedure is due by 1 April 20xx and your documents will be screened on authenticity.


You possess a Belgian bachelor/master diploma:

If your bachelor/master diploma meets the admission requirements (any doubts contact, you can immediately enrol through this enrolment procedure (EN) or  enrolment procedure (NL)