3rd PANEMA workshop in Cotonou, Benin (12-13 March 2024)

Le 3e atelier du réseau panafricain de nématologie se tiendra au Bénin en 12-13 mars 2024 Les 12 et 13...

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Call for admission and scholarships

The application for admission to the IMaNema programme and scholarships to start in September 2024 is open now. All info...

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Call 3: for ICP NEMA CONNECT and Plant Village scholarships

The IMaNema programme collaborates with the Master of Science in Plant Pathology at Moi University in Kenya. This programme has...

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Shortlist scholarships 2022

The selection of candidates who are nominated for the shortlist of the VLIR-UOS scholarship, UGent Top Up grant and Master...

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NEMEDUSSA project started!

The Erasmus+ Capacity Buidling in Higher Education project "Nematology Education in Sub-Sahara Africa" started on 15 January 2021 and will...

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22 May 2019 - Nematology Seminar Day

The programme for the Nema Seminar Day is online - 22/5/2019 @ Campus Ledeganck auditorium 8

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Applications admission / scholarships open

Applications for admission and scholarships (VLIR-UOS, UGent TopUp grant, Master Mind scholarship) are open. You can find the application form...

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