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Scholarships for IMaNema programme

The following candidates were nominated by the Nematology Educational Committee for one of the below mentioned scholarships to attend the IMaNema programme. Please note that this is not yet a final selection. It only means that these candidates go to the next selection round. It might be that we contact you for an interview. The final selection will be known in May 20xx and depends upon the final approval of the sponsor. In case you are shortlisted for more grants and you end up being selected for more than one, you have to make a choice. A mail to all candidates with further details will follow next week. Please do not contact us before you received a mail from us. Thank you.


10 candidates will end up in the main list, the others in the reserve list and 2 will be deselected. No admission letter by 1 April = cancel nomination

  • 0406019
  • 0414126
  • 0356991
  • 0408117
  • 0374740
  • 0417205
  • 0406980
  • 0280921
  • 0402591
  • 0346667
  • 0134911
  • 0285569
  • 0325326
  • 0348382
  • 0412988
  • 0404619
  • 0409704
  • 0403134
  • 0403170
  • 0240562
  • 0403957
  • 0413459

Master Mind scholarship of the Flemish Government

A Master Mind Scholarship includes a grant of €10000 + a tuition fee waiver per academic year (60 ECTS). Master Mind Scholarship holders only pay an administrative enrolment fee. The grant is paid in instalments and covers accommodation costs, insurances and a significant amount of their living expenses. The grant for the second master year will be awarded provided the student passed the first master year with minimum 45 ECTS credits. No admission letter by 1 April = cancel nomination

  • 0405651
  • 0414334