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I want to apply, but did not yet graduate

You need to start the application procedure and you also need submit your application before the deadline. You do not need to wait until you graduate. Instead of the legalised diploma and final transcripts/diploma supplement, you are required to submit upon application: (1) an official declaration from your school/university confirming the expected graduation date and the exact name of the diploma that will be awarded, (2) your most recent transcript. If your application was successful, you are accepted at Ghent University and you will receive a letter of admission. This letter will mention that you will be required to submit a legalised copy of your diploma upon enrolmentYou cannot enrol if you have not yet obtained the diploma on the basis of which you have been granted admission.

I applied last year and received an admission letter. I want to defer my admission to next academic year. How to?

When you wish to apply for a deferred admission letter, you can start doing so from 1 October onwards. You can do this by re-applying through this link: and use the e-mail address and log-in to the Oasis application system you used last year. In case you never registered for Oasis (but for prospect), you need to register as a new student. Note that there is no need to send legalized documents again.

What to do when you submitted an application and are academically eligible, but you did not manage to submit your file for an official admission letter at the International Admissions Desk within the deadline?

You will not be able to get an admission letter for the academic year you are applying for, but from 1 October 20xx, you will be able to continue the application for an official admission letter again. However, note that the admission letter will be for the academic year afterwards.

I did not get a VLIR-UOS or Master Mind scholarship and cannot come as a self-sponsored student. I do have an official admission letter and want to re-apply for the scholarship in the next session?

It is possible that you have received a letter of admission, but that due to circumstances, you need to defer your admission (to the next academic year). You will need to make a new enrolment application for the same programme but for the new academic year. You will not need to resend your legalised documents (if these were correctly submitted already).

The request will be reviewed and when successful, you will receive a letter of admission for the new academic year

When do I need to arrive in Belgium

1 September 20xx. The NemaPrep training starts early September and students are required to follow this preparatory programme.

How do we need to provide recommendation letters?

An application form without 2 recommendation letters is incomplete. You can choose to upload the recommendation letters to your online application. However, your two referees still need to send the letters by e-mail to mentioning clearly your full name.

I want to re-apply for a scholarship, but I do not have an official admission letter

You will have to start the complete procedure again.

I forgot my password

You can reset your password on this website: This will only work with the e-mail you registered in the application website.